Read some of what our many hundreds of customers have to say about installing
solar with Best Value Solar.


Troy and Lyndal Westblade – Sebastopol 3356 Victoria

“our power bill was $11 for September and only $6 for October”


Robert and Marg Taylor – Macedon 3340 Victoria

“your installers were so professional when installing our 3kw system”


Ken and Rita Prowd – Benalla 3672 Victoria

“we are so happy our last power bill was only $5 all thanks to Best Value Solar”


Frank Sette – Kyneton 3444 Victoria

“compliments to your sales rep, fantastic customer service and speedy install team who gave me my 4kw system. I’m happy to talk to anyone about Best Value Solar”


Moe Fresh Poultry – Moe 3825 Victoria

“ I’m saving 70% on my power bills since Best Value Solar installed a 10kw system on my store”