Our Partners  

Best Value solar is the Solar Supplier for Foodworks in Victoria.

Best Value Solar ensure all stores are given the opportunity to review their solar generation potential.  Best Value Solar is driven by achieving the following outcome for stores: 

  1. A reduction in energy costs
  2. A reduction in energy consumed direct from the Grid
  3. A review of rebates offered and ensure rebates are applied
  4. Onsite monitoring of solar generation
  5. Customer support and education

About Food Works

Australian United Retailers Limited (AURL) is an independent retail supermarket group trading under the "FoodWorks" brand.

FoodWorks came about following the merger of the FoodWorks Supermarket Group Ltd (FSG) and Australian United Retailers (AUR) in November 2004 in response to rapid industry consolidation and increased competition.

Foundation members of FoodWorks were originally AUR, Foodstore, FoodWorks, Buy Rite, Cut Price, 727, Rite-Way, Food-Rite, Tuckerbag and Food-Way proprietors.


The Company now has close to 650 supermarkets, food and convenience stores spanning seven states and territories nationally with over 400 of these operating under the FoodWorks brand. Our stores are clearly visible by the fresh orange and green logo design and signage.

The past two years has seen the brand go from strength to strength, becoming Australia's largest truly independent supermarket group supporting $2 billion in annual sales.

Today, FoodWorks prides itself on its fresh, contemporary approach to retail whilst still retaining a friendly, community-focused relationship with its customers.

Unlike any other supermarket brand in Australia, every store in FoodWorks is different and each have a strong sense of independence, which gives them full flexibility to tailor their store to their local community’s needs.